Every business and brand has a story that sells product.
We tell those stories with words, pictures, and video.

Our Companies

Arizona Advertising Agency
Runway 21 Studios is home to Brand Canyon Co. and Apple Box Pictures. The building is home to all executive and corporate offices as well as being the primary production facility for video work. The studio itself features a full sound stage with green screen and cyc wall, two full-service edit bays and a professional sound booth.


Arizona Graphic Design
Brand Canyon Co. is currently one of thirteen Arizona state-approved advertising and marketing contractors. We specialize in design and creative content. We are however, a full-service advertising and marketing firm capable of providing any and all services required under this contract.


Arizona Video Production
Apple Box Pictures, LLC is a full-service film and production company capable of providing all the services, both above and below the line, necessary to create, produce and distribute any kind of still, motion picture or video creative content.


The Team at Runway 21 Studios

Brad Michaelson

President, CEO and Creative Director

Over thirty years in advertising, marketing, and production and still learning something new every day

graphic design web design social media expert

Julie Schilly

Director of Design and Social Media

An incredibly evolved, multi-talented designer and Web developer. She is so deeply immersed in the new media world she only comes up for air on Tuesday mornings

Director of Digital Media, tricaster, phoenix, sales

Mike Baine

Director of Digital Media

He speaks a language of video production content distribution that only two other people understand. He can send any image we capture across any of a thousand platforms with the flip of a switch

Scottsdale Runway 21 Studios Public Relations Ad Agency

Cammy Wagner

The quintessential ad agency professional, with over 18 years of experience.  Cammy, with the Wagner Marketing Group, has the ability and insight to can take the ideas that made this industry great, combine those with the new digital technologies of today and create unique and compelling success stories for our clients.

Director of Photography, Editor

Matthew Marquez

Director of Photography, Editor

Any camera, any situation and any client – Matt has the ability to shoot video that stands out and leaves an impression. With the billions of clips on the Web today, that is a truly unique

Digital Animation and Graphics

Forrest Ranus

Digital Animation and Graphics

If a pictures is worth a thousand of words, a moving picture is worth much more than that and an animated, and moving picture is nearly priceless. They make every show a masterpiece and Forrest paints those pictures for our clients

Audio Engineer and Composer

Daniel Guerrero

Audio Engineer and Composer

Why choose from pre-recorded music, when Daniel can develop a custom soundtrack for your project. When he’s not running the mixing console, he’s inventing sound effects and extending the boundaries of today’s digital audio.