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Choosing the Right Social Media Buttons

Is your business pushing them all?

After we build a website for a client and just before it’s about to go live we always ask the same question: “Which social media platforms are you using?” That’s basically the generic equivalent of “Do you have a Facebook page, are you on Twitter or LinkedIn and should we….” It’s at that point that most clients cut us off, roll their eyes and ask us who has time for all that nonsense.  And, isn’t Facebook dying anyway? We get it; social media is at best a lot of work.  For many clients it seems like a complete waste of time. But as an ad agency whose job it is to put its clients in front of their customers and create a sense of need and urgency, social media is a big part of our strategy. We recommend it – highly. And more than that, we recommend a lot of it. In fact, if you want to know the platforms that are standard in today’s marketing environment it’s best to look at what the insiders do and copy that. For direction and guidance we turned to Re/Code.

What is Re/Code Doing?

According to Re/Code’s “Who We Are” page, Re/Code is, “…independent tech news, reviews and analysis site, from the most informed and respected journalists in technology and media. Because everything in tech and media is constantly being rethought, refreshed, and renewed, Re/code’s aim is to reimagine tech journalism. ¶ Within a year of launching, Re/code received the Excellence in Online Journalism Award from the U.S. National Press Foundation, a nonprofit journalism organization.” In short, Re/Code knows tech and they know how tech works with media. And because media is a critical need in starting, building and sustaining most small businesses, it’s probably worth following their lead.

Before we look however, this is probably a good time to insert our social media disclaimers. The first of which is that we recognize that social media and Internet marketing are not equally important to all businesses. Accountants do not do the same kind of social media messaging as Pet Stores and Acupuncturists. Unless the accountant does Improv on the side and then she should be all over Facebook. Our accountant is not funny (at least not on purpose) so we set her bar fairly low.  Our second disclaimer goes like this: social media is much like vitamins; once you start taking them you’re really not sure if they work but you’re reluctant to stop taking them. Unless you are a retailer that drives traffic and revenue through their social media marketing, most service providers can’t tell how many clients they get or lose as a result of their social media efforts. But once you start posting and tweeting, it’s not a good idea to stop because you never know who might be watching. So we say do it, and stick with it regardless of your business or industry.

The Nine Big Buttons

So what social media buttons are on Re/Code’s site? There are nine of them none of which are surprises. One of the world’s most dialed-in tech pubs features Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Vine, Pinterest and RSS feed buttons on its site. All of which receive a daily dose of content. Is this what your company should be doing? Hell no, at least not right now. But these social media platforms seem to have found a place in billions of people’s daily lives and if you want to find just a handful of those people for your business these are the buttons you need them to push.

Re/code is owned by the new, independent media company, Revere Digital LLC. The minority investors and strategic partners in Revere are NBCUniversal News Group and Terry Semel’s Windsor Media.

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