Internet Marketing Top 20 plus 1

The Internet Marketing Top 20 Plus 1

What you need to know to market in the digital space.

We’ve said it before in two separate posts but we feel so passionately about the importance of Internet Marketing that we’re going to capitalize the term; make it a proper noun.  We also created a list of maxims about Internet Marketing that we think should live in one place for posterity.  Because while everything continues to change, this is all about managing and leveraging change to effectively marketing your business across the Web.

  1. Moore’s Law still matters. In 1965, Intel’s Gordon Moore predicted that the power of the computer would double every 18 months. Forty years later that’s still fundamentally true and it’s why computers and screens keep getting smaller but more powerful. And it’s why advertisers must keep changing content so it “works” in an ever-changing mobile marketplace.  Think iPhone 6.
  2. It’s not about targets, today it’s all about the bulls-eye. The data-mining and messaging tools are so precise that you need to know exactly, not approximately, who your audience is.
  3. The Internet is the ONLY broadcast platform. Or, the only one you need to focus on.
  4. It is Google’s game. To succeed on the Internet you play by its rules; rules that they are constantly changing; think Pigeon.
  5. Your Website is useless if: It isn’t responsive, has more words than pictures, needs a “Web guy” to manage it, isn’t linked to at least four social media platforms, doesn’t feature video and doesn’t have a blog that you’ve updated in the last seventy-two hours.
  6. People would rather watch than read. So pictures and videos are now worth more than a thousand words. If you’re going to write, make sure what you write is SEO-friendly.
  7. Video is only as good as the talent. If the person in the video doesn’t connect with the audience, the audience won’t stick around long enough to get the message.
  8. The ad agency is an anachronism. In today’s marketing world it’s all about creating and distributing real content. That’s best done by people who know and love the business; it’s hard to farm that out.
  9. People don’t believe what a company says about itself. People don’t trust advertising.
  10. People believe what a company’s customers say about it. People trust social media; good, bad or otherwise.
  11. Businesses must insert itself into its customer’s social media space. Companies need to tell their story with entertaining content created by smart, passionate people on social media
  12. Social media sites are designed to keep companies out of their space. And that’s because companies aren’t social, they’re really just promotional, they sell stuff. To be successful on social media sites you have to solve that conundrum.
  13. Marketing is done from the ground up. Messages no longer come from the top down; they begin as good buzz and then work their way up.
  14. Social media is a dumb term for a smart marketing tactic. Successful companies embrace and exploit it.
  15. Continuous, creative, content generation replaced THE BIG IDEA
  16. Big data killed THE BIG IDEA. Today companies deliver specific messages to small niche markets; they aim at the bull’s eye using incredibly precise data.
  17. Sh*t Happens. Things Change. This has always been the case but now it all happens much faster. What used to work yesterday doesn’t work today; what works today won’t work tomorrow.
  18. Pretending things haven’t changed won’t change the fact that they have.
  19. Changing behavior is harder than ever. Immediate access to unlimited amounts of information makes it even harder to convince people to do something different.
  20. Your kid understands content creation and distribution better than you do. You understand business and brand strategy better than your kid. Enjoy that superiority while you can; then hire your kid.
  21. Technology promises but creativity still delivers. The bells and whistles are great but not if they obscure the message. Less is always more: more effective and more powerful.

Twenty-one has always been a good number for us.  We hope it is for you too.  If you need help building your brand, telling your story or any other kind of Internet Marketing assistance just let us know.  We have the experience and the resources to make make sure it gets done fast, cheap, good and smart.  We’re here to help.

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