The End of the Ad Agency As We Knew It

Ahhh, the critical first post; that brief and fleeting opportunity to impress you with my wit, extensive knowledge, incredible insight, irreverent humor, remarkable graphics, incredible added value, or if the stakes are really high – maybe even bribe you with the promise of a free iPad. All in an effort to get you to A) sign up for the blog or B) get you to come back tomorrow. That’s what’s riding on this first post.

With this first in particular, and every subsequent one, I must make myself relevant and important enough to you that you like me. A lot. I need to convince you in 750 words or less that what I have to say is going to somehow change your life and improve your business. That’s a lot of pressure; so, I’ve decided to go with this for an open:

Everything that you think you know about advertising and marketing is complete and utter bullsh*t

IN case you doubt, check out the recent Media Post article.

According to Media Post, most consumers turn to on-line research and public opinion when it comes to purchasing decisions. They consider the content that comes up in a Google search or the conversations on social media to be some of the most reliable available. That would mean that the least reliable sources for product information are the companies that actually MAKE and market the product.

In other words; us.

This could set back the advertising, sales, marketing, communication, publicity and promotion design professions centuries; we are no longer  the most important source of information in the civilized world. So those clever little TV spots and print ads we create? Nothing more than High (and often Low) Art. Did you see the Groupon spot in the Super Bowl? Really? Ouch. Am I surprised? Hardly.

Okay, so given this new communications reality, the BIG QUESTION for you is: how the heck do you get the word out? How do you educate our target audiences, impress them with your products and services, fill them with so much lust and longing for your product or service that they visit your stores or your Websites and BUY SOMETHING?!

That’s what this Website is all about. We’re neck-deep in the process and it’s nothing like it used to be. But that’s actually good news for most of you. You just need to forget everything you used to know about advertising and marketing and check back with us on a regular basis. Because we’re not going to tell you everything right here or right now; remember, we want you to sign up for our blogs and to keep coming back to check us out.

Hint: That’s the name of the game in this new marketing dynamic by the way.

That and to take all the stuff you learned in the last 15 or 20 minutes and apply it to your new advertising, marketing and promotional strategies. I say the last 15 or 20 minutes because that’s how fast everything changes these days – just ask Blockbuster or Border’s or Bed, Bath & Beyond or Circuit City. These were all BIG businesses that thought they’d never fail, that they were inherently indispensable and valuable. Then the Internet kicked it into light speed with free information, entertainment, programs, platforms and apps flying around at warp speed and they were toast along with thousands of other companies. But they didn’t have to be; they just had to recognize that everything they knew and believed about doing business in this new environment was obsolete.

Today it’s about being acutely aware of what’s happening around you. It’s about applying what you learn each day to your business. It’s about adaptation. It’s about change.

And change is good – in fact, change is mandatory in this new marketplace. We’re all about that. So, if you have a minute or two every day, check back. We’ll share what we know and think about change – and how it can make your business better and bigger.

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