Dilbert Genius

Whether you like Dilbert or not, you have to admit that every so often he captures a work sentiment we all experience.  The attached is one of those that I’m finding haunts business owners and execs alike: the fear that your business or department is being left out of this new technological evolution can keep you up nights.  And unfortunately, given the demands of this new technology – you need all the sleep you can get.  So what do you do?

Relax. Because as much as you’d like to be streaming 24/7, 3D webcasts from your virtual studio; why?  How would that help you?You can only do what you can afford to do; and you don’t need to do it all.  So start with the fundamentals, ease into the new technology, see what works and go from there.  Because while there are an endless number of technological tools and techniques that are out of the reach of most small and medium-sized business; there are a few things you need to do that are simple and inexpensive and can help you right now.

Update your Website– If you have one of those old sites that requires a call to your IT person or “Webmaster” every time you want to make a change – dump it.  There are a number of companies like WordPress that offer sites that you can design and manage.  You need to be able to frequent and regular conversations with your customers and potential customers.  You can’t do that if you don’t control your Website.

Create Content– It doesn’t have to be extraordinarily compelling (yet) but you need to update your site on a daily basis or people stop visiting.  So post something relevant and original as often as possible.  It puts you in front of your clients, it encourages them to seek you out and it attracts a following.  And these days, marketing is done from the outside in – what your clients say about you is much more important that what you say about yourself.

Be an expert on something – You don’t have to be smarter than everyone in your industry or all of your peers – hell, you don’t have time to do that and run your business.  However, you need to have an angle, an offer, some insight or special message that makes you stand out that makes people want to read you.

You don’t have to do this all at once.  In fact, you can’t afford to financially or professionally.  Do it incrementally, do it slowly, do it deliberately.  To borrow a phrase – just do it.

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