Social Media Review for 2012

First Post of 2012 – Runway 21 Studios is now fully engaged.

Runway 21 Studios is full-service advertising agency and production company.  As a result, we create content:  art, graphics, print, and video for static and dynamic media.  Because we create content, we must understand each and every one of the delivery “platforms” – the channels through which the art flows.  That includes everything from traditional broadcast to new media – from network TV to social media.   And while this may seem an overwhelming task – we’ve NEVER been more excited about the industry.  It is filled with opportunity.

But it is confusing, confounding and extremely challenging; which is why we’ve approached it with such caution.  Until now.

This year, we are prepared to be fully engaged.  All the channels are established for us to push content particularly across the social media platforms.  Our goal is to share information about all these new resources available to you to grow your business.  We’ll suggest the things that you can do and offer our services for the things we should do.  And we’ll offer insights and advice that we think might be valuable.  You can use it or not.  So to start, here’s our basic advice for any business that intends to market via social media:

  • Facebook (and its ilk) is definitely not the same for business as it is for a person.
  • The size of your community, number of Likes, Friends, Fans and Followers is not your most important metric
  • Your most important feature is the strength of your connection and the value of the information you provide
  • If any of your social media messages can’t answer the reader’s, “What’s in this for me?” question, it shouldn’t be sent.  To wit:


What was in this for you?   We are offering you a chance to learn more about social media for emerging businesses by following Runway 21 Studios.  Click on the links in the sidebar to like, follow, connect and more.  We’ve given you three simple axioms for starting the social media process for your business.

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