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Runway 21 Goes Digital

Our Website has been redesigned. But that’s not the big news.

After two years of WordPress website development, of evolving our video production and distribution capabilities, of introducing our clients to new and innovative digital ways to market and promote. We feel pretty good about our ability to function at a high level in the “digital space”. And given the fact that Facebook just celebrated its billion user that’s a good thing. Coupled with the announcement that “the number of smartphone and tablet ads that digital video ad network YuMe served up in the second quarter nearly doubled from the quarter before” that means that there’s a ton of digital content out there. Yes, we know it’s not all good content. But people are producing and pushing video across all platforms and they will continue to do so.

Content will get better and good content will find an audience. This “works” – we’ve seen it, we’ve produced it and we know it. So we are committed to taking our clients into that digital place as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. It’s a strategy we embrace without reservation; and it’s something that we do with a great deal of skill and pleasure.


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